“Tracy [Tracy Stengel] gave me invaluable advice on how to enrich my memoir to become a family keepsake my children and grandchildren will cherish forever.”

– Bonney Schreiner, Brooklyn, Michigan

“Tracy’s [Tracy Stengel] help was instrumental in getting my first manuscript, query letter, and synopsis to look and sound professional. She didn’t just simply fix spelling and grammatical errors, but also gave pointers and recommendations that took my writing to a whole new level. I look forward to working with her again.”

– Krisztina Pap, Edmonton, Alberta

“Tracy [Tracy Stengel] has a knack for polishing a manuscript and making it shine.”

– Lia Riley, author of UPSIDE DOWN, releasing mid-2014

“Tracy [Tracy Stengel} is a fantastic guide for everyone who struggles with queries and writing. She guides the writer until their work is polished. She is critical without ever being offensive. Anyone who gets a chance to work with her will find her a fantastic individual and will receive a highly creative critique.”

– Navin Upadhyay, Delhi, India